Lunch Menu & Procedures

May Elementary Lunch Menu

May Middle/High Menu

May Break Menu

In order to plan appropriately, we must know how many of our students wish to eat in the cafeteria. The following procedures and policies have been established to ensure the efficient operation of the cafeteria.

  1. Meals must be paid for prior to eating lunch in the cafeteria.   An elementary student can pay for them on Monday morning (* or first school day of the week*) with their homeroom teacher.  High school students need to pay for them in the business office.   A credit will be placed on the FACTS statement of the person who is financially responsible for that student.
  2. The person financially responsible for the student’s FACTS statement can also pre-pay for lunch, leaving a credit on the account for the student to charge against. Payments can be made online or by check sent to the business office.
  3. Every morning students will place their lunch order with their first hour teacher. If an order is placed in the first hour and the student checks out they must notify the cafeteria otherwise they will be charged for the meal ordered.
  4. If a student is absent on Monday, then he/she will go to the Business Office or Elementary Office, if applicable, upon their return and pay for the meals they will purchase. They will need to place their meal order with their first hour teacher.
  5. Damaged or lost student ID’s: Go to the Business Office to receive a replacement ID. The cost will be $5.00 for replacement.
  6. If a student pays for multiple days on Monday morning (or first school day of the week) and is absent due to an excused absence, the student will have a credit on their FACTS account.
  7. Students may purchase snacks with their Student ID’s only. No ID – No Snack. The purchase will be charged on the FACTS statement of the person who is financially responsible for the student. Please make sure money has been placed on the account for the student to charge against prior to them purchasing any snacks.
  8. The ordering of food by students from outside vendors to be delivered to school is prohibited. Students will eat what is being served in the school cafeteria or they can eat lunches brought to school. If a student forgets his/her lunch, their lunches have to be dropped off in the school office.
  9. Eating or drinking anywhere other than the cafeteria or courtyard area during school hours is prohibited. Only on special occasions as granted by the administration will this be permitted.
  10. Students are expected to conduct themselves properly in the cafeteria. That means not leaving a mess when they are finished with eating lunch. Also, unruly conduct will not be tolerated.