Board of Directors

Silliman Private School Corporation is the stockholders’ organization that maintains ownership of the physical plant.  The stockholders elect a twelve (12) member Board of Directors to serve in a dual capacity as directors of the Private School Corporation and Silliman Institute, Inc.

The administrator is appointed by the Board of Directors to carry out the daily operations of the school.

The operation of the school is directed by the Board of Directors through the administration, faculty, and staff of Silliman Institute.  The Board of Directors formulates the policies and procedures for the operation of the school.  Committees are appointed to make recommendations in the areas of personnel, textbooks, curriculum, admissions, transportation, buildings and grounds, and finances.

Silliman Institute Board of Directors:

  • Kaley Hill, President
  • DJ Atkinson, Vice President
  • Sheri Delee, Secretary
  • Chad Fontenot, Treasurer
  • Rim Schmidt
  • Christi Hunt
  • Kenny Karno
  • Matt Otwell
  • Lee Ledet
  • Tal Priest
  • Wendall Reeves
  • Danton Glascock