Dancers Compete and Win!!!!

On Wednesday September 22nd the dance teams competed in the MAIS Spirit Competition in Jackson, MS.  Both the JV and Varsity Teams have been working very hard in preparation of this event.

The Varsity “Kaper Kittens” competed in the high kick division and was up against our sister schools with some tough competition.  They came out as the Runners Up in this event.  We are so proud of our Kaper Kittens.

The JV “Wildcats Pride” competed in the Jazz division.  This was the first time they have competed in the MAIS Spirit Competition.  The Wildcats Pride are our 5A CHAMPIONS!!

It was great day for our school.  Thank you Varsity and JV dancers for representing our school.  A special thank you to the sponsors, Christy Cornette and Shelby Willis.  Congratulations to all.  Cannot wait until next year!!

JV “Wildcats Pride” MAIS 5A Champions Jazz Division

Varsity “Kaper Kittens” MAIS 5A Runners-Up High Kick Division

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