Silliman Institute



     Students are allowed to eat lunch in the cafeteria.  There will be no outside ordering of food from business establishments to be delivered to the cafeteria or school by the place of business, parents, friends, relatives, etc.  Students will eat what is being served by the school cafeteria staff or you may bring your lunch from home. 

     In order to plan appropriately, we must know how many of our students wish to eat in the cafeteria.  The following procedures and polices have been established to ensure the efficient operation of the cafeteria.

  • Meals must be obtained for the week and should be purchased on Monday morning (or first school day of the week) from your 1st period teacher.
  • If a student in the secondary school (5th-12th) forgets their money on Monday, they must go the Business Office (during recess) and obtain a one-day ticket.  They must pay for the full week on the following day (Tuesday) in the Cafeteria.
  • If a student is absent on Monday, then he/she will go to the Cafeteria or Elementary Office, if applicable, upon their return and purchase a ticket for the remainder of the week. 
  • NO student will receive a lunch without a ticket